“We are ambitious and raise the bar constantly. How can you help us get game-changing ideas to tackle ‘mission impossible’ kind of challenges?”

Workshops to tackle real life business challenges, opportunities and problems excite me. Every step of the process requires good thinking and meticulous planning. Customising the workshop to meet clients’ specific requirements is an important element that demands a lot of home work.

I enjoy the initial discussions and planning with the client as we virtually co-create the workshop agenda together. Here is a quick sample of the challenges that clients often pose.

New Product Development (NPD) , Consumer Insights to Ideas, Creating a Compelling Value Proposition, Developing an Engaging workshop to Train the Tutor, Mission Impossible, Rejuvenating Tired Brands, Arresting Attrition & Retaining Talent, Developing a Single Sourcing Strategy, Facilitator Training for Brainstorming.

What is your challenge? What would you like to tackle?

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2 Responses to “Workshops”

  1. Shivakumar.H.N says:

    This was unique workshop i had ever attended. There were several technique’s to generate ideas. The presentation deck especially the video’s were amazing. I learnt a lot from this Workshop.


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