“How can you train us to get out of  habitual ways of thinking? Most of our ideas are predictable, boring and uninspiring.”

In 2003 one of my clients suggested that I should start training people in Creative Thinking. I was not sure but launched our first training programme called Creative Block Busting© in April 2003. The workshops were a hit because we presented a nice environment in which people could relax, unwind, be playful. Thus their minds were open to new ideas and they were ready to play around with new concepts. The emphasis was about learning, not training.

What is Creative Block Busting©workshop  all about?

Creative Block Busting© is a two-day training programme that teaches you a step by step process to define your problem or challenge sharply, generate lots of alternative ideas quickly, sort ideas and select ideas smartly, develop the ideas into solutions and get buy-in for  your ideas effectively.

Who should attend the Creative Block Busting© Workshop?

If you are in charge of a function or department, accountable for results, you have several people reporting to you, and find that your people are unable to think differently, then you will find Creative Block Busting© Workshop relevant and useful for your organisation.

Your designation could be Senior Manager, General Manager, Vice President or Director. Or perhaps CEO.

Creative Block Busting© Workshops are industry and function neutral. I have conducted these workshops for sales, marketing, IT, HR, R&D, Finance  and commercial functions. Clients were from FMCG, Banking, Telecom, Chemicals, Power, Auto, Insurance, Finance and Services sector. (B2C as well as B2B).

What are the benefits of participating in a Creative Block Busting© programme?

Creative Block Busting© Workshop simplifies, clarifies and makes the thinking process enjoyable without losing the rigour. The process steps are simple, easy to follow. You also get a complete Creative Block Busting© Tool Kit that helps you enormously in thinking differently.

How many people can each workshop accommodate?

I find that a minimum group size of 15 and a maximum of  25 works best for me. Occasionally I have handled group sizes of 30. I am keen that I give attention to every single participant. Therefore the  size of the group is critical for the success of the session.

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36 Responses to “Training”

  1. Anil Grovor says:

    I attended Sridhar’s online workshop this october. I found the sessions very well planned, engaging and informative. I loved the way Sridhar defined ideas, creativity, and innovation. Even though this was an on-line format through WebEx, I felt the learning was very deep and comprehensive.

    The workshop allowed us to learn ways of generating new ideas, selecting the best ideas and developing them to create an action plan. This is best experienced to see the true value, as it is difficult to capture the essence in description.

    I am very excited that Sridhar is now beginning to take these workshops online, as this allows an enormous flexibility in terms of pace, geography, and time without compromising on the value.

    I wish Sridhar the best in this initiative.

    • R Sridhar says:

      Thanks Anil, for a facilitator a responsive group that is enthusiastic is a big shot in the arm. You guys were amazing. Nothing escaped your attention, and your questions reflected that.

  2. Sashank says:

    When I first came in touch with the Creative Block Busting toolkit, I was amazed at how it helped me get a lot more ideas. Going through a full fledged program with you to learn the fundamentals of creative thinking, the process of creative block busting and effectively using the toolkit has been an interesting learning experience.

    Through the program I came in contact with how ideas develop from related to radical. I could experience how the toolkit helped in generating such ideas. Before attending the programI had challenges in being able to converge on a single idea after a getting a lot of ideas, but the process we learnt really helped in being able to sort and then identify a powerful idea.

    Though initially I was skeptical of how a creative process would be facilitated online, in the end I’m more than satisfied with the online format. I realized that ‘creative climate’ is a function of many things and it can be recreated online with a facilitator like you.

    Besides being an interesting learning experience, it was a joyful, and playful experience. Despite being in remote locations, it was an awesome experience to ideate together with the team.

    Thank you for for facilitating such a wonderful experience.

    Looking forward to applying the learning..

    Partner, Deep Red Ink

  3. Santhan Reddy says:

    Sridhar, I believe that creative intelligence is vital for any organisation, and especially for ours, as we engage with our clients’ challenges in our consulting work. We are striving to build this intelligence into the DNA of our organisation and the time we spent with you has helped a lot.

    Your Creative Block Busting workshop helped us to understand the process for generating, sorting, selecting and prioritizing ideas and converting them to an actionable plan. While this is invaluable in itself, you also enabled us to listen more openly to each other’s ideas and see the potential in each one. This attitude is already beginning to add immense value to us.

    The workshop, delivered in an online format, was extremely convenient and time-saving. It allowed all of our partners to make the time from their schedules. While I initially thought that it was better to do this program face-to-face, I am happy with the outcome of the online program!

    I thank you for your professionalism in planning the program, preparing all participants for each session, maintaining superb punctuality for beginning and ending sessions, and finally for presenting the material in a light-hearted and engaging way.

    I wish you all the best for future programs, and meeting you when you are in Hyderabad next…

    Santhan Reddy
    Founding Partner, Deep Red Ink

  4. Rajat Ghosh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I had attended your training for Edifice Consultants yesterday. It was really a very good session for all of us and we do think we needed it. I am writing this to you to give the reference for a small clip that you might find interesting. Its from the Monty Python Series- And now for something completely different, where a man tries to sell of his dead parrot to a customer, by trying to convince him that the parrot is alive. He gives a no. of reasons to prove that the parrot is alive in-spite of it being dead. That is how we try to convince people by our ideas aswell. Thanking you once more.

    • R Sridhar says:

      Hi Rajat,

      Thank you for that quick response to the workshop.

      I am a little confused and concerned about your ‘selling a dead parrot’ example.

      I strongly believe helping people see the value in your idea is not about misleading them
      – it is not about hype and ‘hustlemanship’.

      It is about being genuine and authentic about your idea and how it can the other person achieve
      what he wants to.

      Best wishes


      • Rajat Ghosh says:

        Hello Sir,
        ya i do agree that its not about misleading people, but what I really meant is that this can be incorporated in your section of putting down crazy ideas or wild ideas, just to add some more humor to the session. Anyway, we still had a lot of fun,
        Thanks and Regards,

  5. Shereen says:

    Hi, when and where is the next training session scheduled?

    • R Sridhar says:

      Curently all the workshops are conducted exclusively for clients on specific projects/training programmes for their people.
      I have not yet started open workshops.

  6. Pradip Shroff says:

    We wanted every one in our company to “Innovate & Excel”. Sridhar was the natural choice to train us on innovation. His creative block busting program was superb. His tool kit is a very ingenous way of using “ordinery items” to generate great ideas. I would recommned his program to any one who wants to make innovation a way of life.

  7. Rasika Malhotra says:

    One of the most interesting workshops attended. I liked that the engagement levels of the team and also the stress busters were very creative! It was very interesting to see the triggers and output generated ! Eye opening from the fact that some people who were “categorised” as process driven were one of the most creative !

  8. Swati Sundareswaran says:

    I attended the workshop you recently conducted in Pune at Parc Estique.

    It was ‘beyond brilliant’! I seriously did not think that I was capable of generating the ideas that I did. Frankly, I came prepared to be bored and thought I would require a few cups of coffee to keep me awake! 🙂 But in reality, I barely had time to drink coffee as I was so busy listening to you and penning down my ideas. 🙂

    Sridhar, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of this. I wish you the very best and hope we can meet again.

  9. Venkateswaran Hariharan says:

    Mind is the most powerful tool. Train your mind to be creative and open to new ideas. Look for Oppotunities when situations arise. Free your mind from shackles of straitjacketed thoughts and ideas and realise your potential.

    New thinking can make work Fun always think new and think big.

  10. Alvin de Souza says:

    What an idea Sirji!! Always wondered where those creative thoughts came from. Realised from this training that you can guide the mind to come out with structured ideas. I specially liked the process of collecting and then distilling ideas. Team work, blocks and solutions all came to fore…All the very best.

  11. prakash panse says:

    It will definetly help us to take robust decission and to produce
    ideas and solutions to incoming problems.Training was innovative.

  12. shuvendu de says:

    A Great learning and interactive training program. Best part, i really enjoyed it and felt relaxed throughout. The important point was that , we could suggest and express our innovative ideas (many of which sprung up during the training) and leave the venue with concrete plans and timelines to achieve our objectives.

  13. C.S.Jose says:

    It was a good two day session, normally the training session which i attended till now, will not be directly linked to the current job, we have to take the learnings and use it, but here everybody discussed about the present job and how to take it forward as targeted, thus got new ideas and new way of thinking.

  14. Deepak Agrawal says:

    The work-shop have given a new ways to think for innovation, it does happen when we are stuck with some fixed thoughts. The work-shop have made us think differently when we are stuck with the same thoughts again and again.

  15. Ramesh Deshmukh says:

    By attending a workshop, we got an answer of ” Are we Creative ?”
    Yes, now we can proudely say “YES , We are Creative”
    And from the technique of Creative thinking, we will definitely achive a targated growth year on year for the company.

  16. Ashish Gupta says:

    It was great having you as a trainer. Learnt a lot on fear of failure. The concept of coming out with new ideas from every small thing present around us was great… Would love to have these kinds of session every year… Thanks again…

  17. Pramod Gothi says:

    I attended the training session by Sridhar more as a colleague and to understand the process. After working for 38 years in the corporate world and heading many oraganisations I had attended many training sessions. However this experience was such a refreshing change. The innovative methods Sridhar used to draw the people from their shell were not only unique but also fun filled. The process drew out the best and the participants came out with many creative ideas which one generally doesnot experience in a workshop.

    I wish him all the best in this innovative journey.

  18. Rafael Dcosta says:

    It was a great experience attending the session. I never had thought that I was ever so creative. I was also surprised at the “GOOD” ideas that I came out with.

    • R Sridhar says:

      Thanks Rafael. ‘I never thought I was so creative’ to me says a lot. Now you KNOW you are creative. Have fun.


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