“We want to ignite our people’s minds to new possibilities. Demonstrate to  them that they too can think differently.”

I am often invited  by clients to speak to their leadership teams, senior managers, cross functional teams in a planning conference or an annual business meet.

The usual brief is that the teams need to think differently, or think big, get rid of negative thinking, create an innovative mind set, develop out-of-the box thinking, understand  break-through thinking, cultivate creative problem solving skills and so on.

They give me any where between 90 minutes to 180 minutes to do that. I am gently told “Don’t make it too heavy”. Most of the time I persuade them to give me a slot before lunch; occasionally I get the ‘nap time shift’.

I enjoy speaking assignments and love it when I am able to engage audiences  that represent different organisational cultures and mindsets.  I find they respond best to stories and hate power point slides. They love interesting videos. They like it when I ask them to participate in a simple quiz.

Here are a few of my favourite topics:

“I am not creative”

“Delivering Dreams”

“Anything is possible? Or what else is possible?”

“Igniting Imagination”

“We have the ideas, what next”

“Creative people, raise your hands”

“How to kill ideas”

“Innovation in Action”

“There is nothing called a bad idea”

“The riskiest thing is to play safe”

“Dal Chawal Innovation”

If you find this intriguing and want to have a chat call me at +9198201 83752 or write to me at vijisri@ideasrs.com

* Picture by Twob  available under a Creative Commons Attribution- licensed for commercial use.

Any Thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Speaking”

  1. manoj gupta says:

    Hi Sridhar, this is just to provide you my inputs on the session you have conducted, overall the content of the session was ok. People have also liked your session. Few things as per me could have improved are 1) Participation of the team, 2) and pace could have reduced and 3) Energy in the session. Though I think this is all because of the delay and you have rushed through the session to catch the flight on time, but thought of providing the feedback what I have heard.

    I will surely in touch.

    • R Sridhar says:

      Hi Manoj,

      You are absolutely right. The sound system too added to the woes I guess. Please advise your people that I am available on e-mail for them. Should they have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Many thanks again

  2. Kriti says:

    I generally squirm at the idea of attending guest lectures as most of them become really redundant. So, I was planning to miss the one scheduled on 6th of August as I had a dance class to attend. But somehow it so happened that I got late and hence came for the guest lecture.
    To my surprise, it was totally opposite of what I had expected! As I saw the topic ” I am not creative” in a yellow orange power-point theme, I shut my pen cap (I usually draw or write my diary!:P). By the end of the first 2 minutes of the session I was already glad that I missed my dance session and attended this session. I think in all these years, this was the only time when I actually felt happy to be missing one of my dance classes.

    For me, the session was not an abstract generalization of the virtue of creativity but a very practical approach to creative thinking or in “apt” terms design thinking.



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