Innovation Coaching

“Our track record on ideas to execution is poor. What can you do to help us improve this?”

New ideas often scare people and make them retreat back to safety. The road to implementation present several obstacles. Only those with passion, determination and commitment get past these speed breakers. Clients need good sounding boards and guidance to stay on course.
I help clients win in the innovation game by coaching their managers during every step of the innovation process.
Help define a strategic challenge relevant to the company’s ambitions
Help put together the right team – a mix of experts with experience and open minds
Help design a workshop to explore bold new options never considered before
Help select ideas with promise and potential (and stay away from the comfort zones of familiar solutions that worked in the past)
Help build these ideas into powerful solutions
Help prioritise these on the basis of impact and effort required
Help convert the final option into a compelling case for action
Help the team convert the approved idea into a tangible project
Help the team continuously monitor progress, face hurdles and deliver on plan
Help team review performance and learn from it
Help formalise approach for replication in future
If the teams wins, I win.
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3 Responses to “Innovation Coaching”

  1. Sumit Roy says:

    One of the problems that coaches don’t understand is that they often need coaches, themselves.

    As a coach, we know we have to gently steer our “coachee” to finding a solution for themselves and never give them the solution on a platter.

    But what happens when a coach is facing a personal “locked door”.

    That’s where I am so grateful to have Sridhar as a friend.

    Sometime back I was able to help him discover the key to a lock that he was trying to open. He already had the key. I only helped him rediscover it.

    Then he returned the favour by helping me discover a solution to the “locked door” I was grappling with.

    In his expert, almost trade mark way, he helped me discover many new windows and other doors that allowed me to walk past the problem.

    I suppose that’s why he’s such a good coach.

    He helps you discover an undiscovered and easier path to your ambition.

  2. Good point, and agree business leaders often need just coaching to evaluate, improve and deliver Innovation, especially sustainable

    • R Sridhar says:

      Thanks Robert. The challenge is that business leaders must feel the need to ask for help in this area.


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