What I do

What do I do for a living?

Innovation Coaching – to help clients win in the innovation game

Training – to help clients get out of habitual ways of thinking and get fresh new ways to seize opportunities and solve problems

Conducting Workshops – to help clients find fresh new solutions to real life business challenges

Speaking –  Clients invite me to speak at their senior management meets, planning conclaves and annual conferences. The objective is to open people’s minds and ignite their imagination.

Designing – meetings and workshops to help clients get the maximum benefit for the time they spend







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4 Responses to “What I do”

  1. R Sridhar says:

    Hi Tasneem,

    A year ago you had written to me about help required on conducting a brainstorming session.

    My book called Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation will soon be out.
    If you would like a free digital copy of Chapter 1 send me a mail to rsridharideasrs@gmail.com. Type SAMPLE in the subject line. I will do the rest.



  2. Tasneem B says:


    We are looking for someone who can give us the below 2 trainings:

    Brainstorming The art of making your idea into a successful innovation.
    Storytelling through Theme Conceptualisation.

    Do let me know if you can help.

    Tasneem B

  3. Vinay B. Chaturvedi says:

    Ideas are like omnipresent, an idea can come up any time, while you are traveling to work, shopping, in the loo, in sleep, i mean any where, any time.

    If you analyze a few more people who get ideas, you will find that most of them will have an idea related to their occupation, profession etc. Some might get ideas completely unrelated to their work or profession.

    According to me ideas are directly related to one’s understanding of the business & economy, current scenario, is there any gap in the existing product / services offered or is there a room for improvement.

    First kind of people are a bit above average because they do the most important thing, i.e. they think but have there own limitation and tend to get ideas related to their profession.

    The other kind of species are entrepreneurs, not every idea can be converted into a successful business opportunity but 7/10 can be converted into a business opportunity.

    However, the management should gain from both these kind of persons by understanding their idea, evaluate and work out the feasibility of the shortlisted ideas and finally by adopting & implementing the idea.


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