“ How can you help us get game-changing ideas to tackle ‘mission impossible’ kind of challenges?”

Workshops to tackle real-life business challenges, opportunities and problems excite me. Every step of the process requires good thinking and meticulous planning. Customising the workshop to meet clients’ specific requirements is an important element. And That demands a lot of homework.

I enjoy the initial discussions and planning with the client. We co-create the workshop agenda together. Here is a quick sample of the challenges I have worked on with clients.

New Product Development (NPD). Consumer Insights to Ideas. Creating a Compelling Value Proposition. Rejuvenating Tired Brands. Arresting Attrition & Retaining Talent. Developing a Single Sourcing Strategy for a business group. Facilitator Training for Brainstorming.

What is your challenge? What would you like to tackle?

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Unlock Your Creative Potential

Unlock Your Creative Potential addresses the needs of senior leaders, high potential managers and ‘fast-trackers’.

“My experience has become a burden. I am often trying to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions. I think they should work today because they worked yesterday. But they don’t. That is when I feel stuck. Frustrated. I need fresh and different thinking but don’t know how to think different. Maybe I not creative enough.”
– CEO of a large fast growing organisation.

Unlock Your Creative Potential meets this need by helping the leader understand how to think differently and arrive at fresh new solutions to crack the challenge.

A one-to-one coaching programme spread over eight 90-minute sessions in 3 to 4 months.

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Innovation Coaching

“ How can you help improve our ideas-to-execution ”

New ideas often scare people and make them retreat back to safety. The road to implementation presents several obstacles. Only those with passion, determination and commitment get past these speed breakers. Clients need good sounding boards and guidance to stay on course.

  • I help clients win in the innovation game by coaching their managers during every step of the innovation process.
  • Help define a strategic challenge relevant to the company’s ambitions
  • Help put together the right team – a mix of experts with experience and open minds
  • Help design a workshop to explore bold new options never considered before
  • Help select ideas with promise and potential (and stay away from the comfort zones of familiar solutions that worked in the past)
  • Help build these ideas into powerful solutions
  • Help prioritise these on the basis of impact and effort required
  • Help convert the final option into a compelling case for action
  • Help the team convert the approved idea into a tangible project
  • Help the team continuously monitor progress, face hurdles and deliver on plan
  • Help team review performance and learn from it
  • Help formalise approach for replication in future
  • If the teams wins, I win.

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“We want to ignite our people’s minds to new possibilities. Demonstrate to them that they too can think differently.”

I am often invited by clients to speak to their leadership teams, senior managers, cross functional teams in a planning conference or an annual business meet.

The usual brief is that the teams need to think differently, or think big, get rid of negative thinking, create an innovative mind set, develop out-of-the box thinking, understand break-through thinking, cultivate creative problem solving skills and so on.

They give me anywhere between 90 minutes to 180 minutes to do that. I am gently told “Don’t make it too heavy”. Most of the time I persuade them to give me a slot before lunch; occasionally I get the ‘nap time shift’.

I enjoy speaking assignments and love it when I am able to engage audiences that represent different organisational cultures and mindsets. I find they respond best to stories and hate power point slides. They love interesting videos. They like it when I ask them to participate in a simple quiz.

Here are a few of my favourite topics:

  • “Why are bright managers unable to think differently?”
  • “I am not creative”
  • “Think Different. Easy to say, Difficult to do.”
  • “What are mental blocks and how to bust them?”
  • “Igniting Imagination”
  • “Life after the birth of a new idea.”
  • “Anything is possible? Or what else is possible?”
  • “We have the ideas, what next”
  • “Creative people, raise your hands”
  • “How to kill ideas”
  • “Why do innovative ideas fail?”
  • “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and New Ideas”
  • “There is nothing called a bad idea”
  • “The riskiest thing is to play safe”
  • “Dal Chawal Innovation”
  • “80% of new ideas are killed. Who is guilty?”
  • “Innovation Culture. What exactly is it?”
  • “Do you have a market for new ideas in your company?”

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Why are bright managers unable to think differently?

Why are ideation sessions not as productive as managers would like them to be?

Why do senior leaders kill ideas when their support is most needed?

I answer all these troubling questions and many more in my book “Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation.”
I share everything I have learnt about designing and facilitating ideation sessions. Things that I have learnt over the last 18 years. Facilitating over 400 ideation workshops. For a variety of clients, across various businesses and product categories.

I share a simple step-by-step process that will help you make your ideation sessions more effective. Interesting and different ideas, practical and doable. It is an easy to follow 7 step process.

  1. Define what you want ideas for
  2. Choose the right people
  3. Design a robust process
  4. Use divergence to generate a variety of options
  5. Use convergence to arrive at ideas worth pursuing
  6. Make a business case
  7. Commit resources, time and money and act!

Read the first chapter free and then decide whether you can do without it!

To download a free digital copy of Chapter 1, please send me a mail to . Clearly state “Book Sample” in the subject line.

I will send you the link to download the free digital copy of the prelude and chapter 1 of my book ‘Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation’ – Sridhar

Tool Kit

“How can you help us to get out of habitual ways of thinking? ”

In 2003 one of my clients suggested that I should help people in Creative Thinking. “Most of our ideas are predictable, boring and uninspiring,” he said. I was not sure but launched our first workshop called Creative Block Busting© in April 2003.

The workshops were a hit because we presented a nice environment in which people could relax, unwind, be playful. Thus their minds were open to new ideas and they were ready to play around with new concepts. The emphasis was about learning, practice and implementation; not training.


What is Creative Block Busting©workshop all about?

Creative Block Busting© is a two-day workshop that teaches you a step by step process to define your problem or challenge sharply, generate lots of alternative ideas quickly, sort ideas and select ideas smartly, develop the ideas into solutions and get buy-in for your ideas effectively. 

Who should attend the Creative Block Busting© Workshop?

If you are in charge of a function or department, accountable for results, you have several people reporting to you, and find that your people are unable to think differently, then you will find Creative Block Busting© Workshop relevant and useful for your organisation.
Your designation could be Senior Manager, General Manager, Vice President or Director. Or perhaps CEO.
Creative Block Busting© Workshops are industry and function neutral. I have conducted these workshops for sales, marketing, IT, HR, R&D, Finance  and commercial functions. Clients were from FMCG, Banking, Telecom, Chemicals, Power, Auto, Insurance, Finance and Services sector. (B2C as well as B2B).

What are the benefits of participating in a Creative Block Busting© Workshop?

Creative Block Busting© Workshop simplifies, clarifies and makes the thinking process enjoyable without losing the rigour. The process steps are simple, easy to follow. You also get a complete Creative Block Busting© Tool Kit that helps you enormously in thinking differently.

How many people can each workshop accommodate?

I find that a minimum group size of 15 and a maximum of 25  is most effective and delivers excellent results. Occasionally I have handled group sizes of 30. I am keen that I give attention to every single participant. Therefore the size of the group is critical to the success of the session.

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*Picture by Manish available under a Creative Commons Attribution- licensed for commercial use.


Our clients tell us about how our thinking process is helping their business. They are not daunted by new challenges nor are they stuck with old ideas.

We serve clients across industries who share issues of complexity. We have helped leading organisations and developing businesses, brands, government agencies, and private equity firms that recognize the need for real change. 

Here is a sample of  some of the challenges we have helped our clients solve:

  • How to dramatically increase our customer base to 100x in the next 24 months
  • How to ensure a dramatic increase in our product usage amongst our customers
  • How to develop a differentiated service offering to customers
  • How to improve our walk-in to conversion ratio in our showrooms
  • How to earn the trust and respect of our internal customers
  • How to improve the quality of recruitment from campuses
  • How to ensure that 100% of our fresh talent builds a long-term career with us
  • How to trace and tag 100% of our fixed assets spread across the country
  • How to reduce our interest cost burden by 50%
  • How to break silos and build a collaborative culture
  • How to populate the funnel with at least 50 new ideas (in the stage gate process)
  • How to help engineering college professors teach basic concepts
    in more interesting and engaging ways

As part of my design process, I spend time with the client to understand what is the issue he wants to address. A question like “What is your problem?” does not help. So what do I do?

Here are a few things I try. 

“Tell me what is happening today? What would you like happening instead? What stops you? What is your biggest barrier?”

“What would make you say this workshop was an unqualified success? What must you get to warrant a statement like that? ”



  • Accenture.png

  • Aditya Birla Group

  • Asian Paints

  • Bharti Airtel

  • BP

  • BPCL

  • Cadbury India

  • CapGemini

  • Castrol

  • Cholamandalam AMC

  • Chowgule Group

  • Citibank

  • Colgate Palmolive

  • Dabur

  • Dainik Bhaskar

  • Deloitte

  • Dr Reddy’s

  • Emami

  • Godrej Properties

  • Godrej Sara Lee

  • GSK

  • HDFC Bank

  • HDFC Standard Life Insurance

  • Hindustan Unilever

  • HSBC Bank

  • Hungama

  • ICICI Bank

  • ICICI PruLife

  • Idea Cellular

  • IMRB International

  • Intel India

  • Ishanya

  • ITC

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • J P Morgan

  • J W T

  • Kluber Lubrication

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • LBW Consultants

  • Mahindra and mahindra

  • Mahindra-Finance

  • Mahindra-Insurance-Brokers

  • Mattel

  • Microsoft

  • Moser-Baer

  • Motilal-Oswal

  • Nerolac

  • Pepsi

  • Philips-India

  • Pidilite-Industries

  • Piramal

  • Premchand-Roychand-&-Sons

  • Quantum-Market-Research

  • Reckitt-Benckiser

  • Rediff

  • Reliance-Innovation-Leadership-Center

  • SBI

  • Sony-Entertainment

  • Stansard-Chartered-Bank

  • Sundaram-Finance

  • Taj-Hotels

  • Tata-Chemicals

  • Tata-Motors

  • Tata-Power

  • Tata-Sons

  • Tata-Tea

  • TVS-Lyengar-&-Sons

  • TVS-Motors

  • Virgin-Mobile

  • Vodafone

  • Zydus-Cadila


How do clients measure the results of my work?

1. For Creative Block Busting workshops

  • a. The ability of the manager to define a clear objective/challenge
  • b. The total number of ideas generated by the team
  • c. The ratio of new ideas vs existing ideas
  • d. Number of new ideas worth exploring for execution based on agreed criteria


2. For Unlock Your Creative Potential Coaching

  • a. Manager’s ability to generate/explore completely new ideas
  • b. Ability to handle fear of failure
  • c. Ability to make a new idea with great promise and potential 
  • d. Ability to make a convincing business case for the new idea
  • e. See a new idea through in execution


3. For Innovation Coaching

  • a. The ability of the manager and his team to explore completely new solutions
  • b. Willingness to take a risk and recommend new ideas and support them with a business case
  • c. Ability to garner support and move into execution
  • d. Ability to deal with setbacks and get back on track
  • e. Ability to measure outcomes against objectives