What to do when someone rejects your idea


This happens to all of us. Someone rejecting our idea.  And it hurts. We get upset. Defensive. Angry. And we start getting aggressive. Then we might even attack the person who gave the feedback. In the process ensure that we will never get any feed back from him in the future.

Sad, isn’t it? Is there a different way to respond (not react) when someone ‘rejects’ our idea?

Here are a few options you can consider.

  1. Listen to everything the other person says. Take down notes.
  2. When he finishes ask if there are any more points.
  3. Once he is through, summarise everything he has said and ask “have I got it right?”
  4. He may add or clarify some points.
  5. Then ask “Do you see anything good about this idea?”. Ask this question in an even tone. Don’t sound hurt. (Requires some practice though!).
  6. Take down everything he says.
  7. Restate the purpose of your idea. What were you trying to achieve? Address? Solve? Ask “Given this objective, how well do you think this idea might work?”
  8. Jot down everything he says.
  9. Thank the person profusely for his observations.

The trick is to maintain your objectivity and composure. Not easy but important. Getting defensive and aggressive does not help.

Once you have heard him take time off and look at every comment.


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