What is ‘Out-Of-The-Box Thinking’?

“Well, well. This is your cliche series, is it?” asked Prasna**

“Oh! You are referring to my title for the post. I am trying to explain some commonly used terms, in my own way. I believe this is important. Participants in my workshops appreciate the definitions and the clarity that emerges.”

“Where did you get your ‘room’ metaphor ? Is that your own?”

“It is my own. However I can’t claim full credit for it. It emerged in one of the workshops, thanks to one gentleman who insisted that I explain this to his satisfaction. Must have been your nephew!”

“How is this different from challenging assumptions?”

“Frankly they are related. My attempt here is to explain often used, but not well understood expression. In order to do out-of-the-box thinking, you will need to challenge assumptions!”


**Prasna Rao is an unusual friend. He appears every time I start writing something. He is almost always there when I am writing my blog. He asks questions that are razor sharp and often makes me uncomfortable. He is relentless till I answer his questions in simple, clear terms.  You might find that he is most of the times asking questions that you want to. Therefore he is on your side, while he is putting me in the dock. I call him my Uninvited Coach

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