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“How exactly does one challenge the status quo? Everyone talks about it, but no one shows me how!”

The corporate world is full of words and phrases that everyone is familiar with. However there are very few who can explain clearly what they are and show how to use them. Challenging Status Quo, Challenging Assumptions, Thinking out-of-the box are a few such commonly used expressions.

It occurred to me that if we created a tool kit to address this need, it would be useful for clients who are grappling with these issues.

That is how the Creative Block Busting© Tool Kit was born. It is in its second version, and participants in the Creative Block Busting© Workshop get a set. To see what this tool kit looks like click here.


Ignition Spark

Ignition Spark is a handy booklet with 1000 active verbs. To understand how this works read the blog post Can you train people to be creative? Click here to download your free copy of Ignition Spark . Please add your comments on how it works for you.

* Picture by kennymatic available under a Creative Commons Attribution- licensed for commercial use.



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