The God of Possibility

I started making my job list for the day. As is my habit I started my list with a small squiggle which resembles the numeral 2.

“Why do you this?”

“Good morning Prasna*. Nice to see you again.”

“You did not answer my question. What is that figure and why do you do it?”

“I invoke my favourite God everytime I start something. That is a symbol that invokes Ganesa. He is my God of possibility.”

“What does that mean? I never heard of this angle on Ganesa before.”

“Most people think Ganesa is the remover of obstacles. I think of him as a God of Possibility. Because he takes care of the obstacles, I believe he helps me see possibilities that I may not have considered before. (Otherwise I was so obsessed about the obstacles).When I focus on possibilities, and not worry about obstacles I feel so liberated. I am at my creative best. Therefore I also think of him as a God of Creativity.”

“This is a new one. How is he a God of Creativity?”

“Look at him. An elephant head and a human body. A big fat body riding a tiny little mouse. These remind me of principles that many creative people use.”

“What principles?”

“Combining two apparent opposites. Combining things in a completely unexpected manner. I do not know of any form anywhere else in the world with an elephant head and a human body. Even those who may not believe in him, still find the form fascinating. Look at the idea of a big fat body riding on a tiny little mouse. It reminds me of a tiny memory stick  carrying huge amounts of data – in the past they may have been in box files occupying several filing cabinets. The most recent example is that of Kindle capable of storing almost 1500 books! Who would have thought that you could carry 1500 books in something the size of a standard diary? Ganesa constantly reminds me of various examples, where the apparently impossible has been made possible.”

“You are stretching the point but I can understand what you say. Why is this important for you?”

“It is important because I believe all of us are creative and are capable of looking beyond our standard first-right-answer to any challenge or problem. Therefore feeling empowered to look at all possibilities, without fear of failure is such a wonderful thing. This is part of the guidelines we give in brainstorming sessions. Adopt possibility thinking. Assume everything is possible, everything is valuable, everything is feasible. People feel energised and motivated. They are at their creative best.”

“So why is this important to you dear Sridhar? Tell me that”

“When I draw that little squiggle, I feel liberated, free, and able to think of possibilities. It gives me a sense of positive feeling, confidence and reassurance. The fear of failure does not cross my mind. I feel that my creative powers are unleashed and I can take on tasks that may seem impossible.”

“Is this truly the way you believe or you just made this up now?”

“I will let you figure it out, Prasna*.”

*Prasna is an unusual friend. He appears every time I start writing something. He is almost always there when I am writing my blog. He asks questions that are razor sharp and often makes me uncomfortable. He is relentless till I answer his questions in simple, clear terms.  You might find that he is most of the times asking questions that you want to. Therefore he is on your side, while he is putting me in the dock. I call him my Uninvited Coach




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4 Responses to “The God of Possibility”

  1. geeta iyer says:

    Hello, as i read , i felt i was Prasna*…… in i connected him to the doubts or feelings of being unsure( prashna-?) before commencing on anything new…… iam now( my first ever comment on a blog!).

    Best wishes,


    • R Sridhar says:

      Hi Geeta
      Prasna Rao is never in doubt. But he has empathy for all of us who are often plagued by doubts. That is why we connect with him. Plus he asks the very questions we hesitate to ask.
      When the answers appear and clarity emerges we are happy that he is on our side!
      He is generally not on my side – he puts me on the stand!
      He is pushing me to write more, so he can ask all his tough questions.

  2. Sumit Roy says:

    Hey, I am on your side.

    Though I love Prasna (Rao?)

    More power to his questions.


    • R Sridhar says:

      Thanks Sumit.

      Incidentally, Prasna (Rao) loved your questions at Barista.

      I suspect he will start quoting you!

      I do not know where he is but I think all this adulation he is getting will make him go overboard!



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