I have known R Sridhar over a decade as a principle led, value driven lead thinker, a sought after creative – idea generator and a mentor who has worked across multitudes of business sectors. I have had the opportunity to see him in action a few times and have invariably seen him deliver amazing results through tried, tested & personally invented creative tools. I would strongly recommend him to any business who are in search of a facilitator, to help populate the Innovation pipe line or are looking to run creative ideation sessions for the leadership team.

Prashant Chhaya, CEO-IWB Consultants Pte Ltd. Consultant- A*STAR,Verlinvest Asia,Drums Food Int,Maverix Platform & Tata Coffee (Vietnam)

Sridhar has a unique style and techniques of getting innovative ideas out a team. I recently attended an Innovation session facilitated by him. He was very effective. The activities and the content was extremely relevant and useful.

Yamini Jain, AVP-Solutions Architect at Evalueserve

Sridhar was very effective at facilitating and guiding our Innovation session. His experience was very helpful in planning the event. The global team found his content and techniques very useful

Parminder Sidhu, Brand Innovator at Merck Group

Sridhar is an excellent mentor and coach. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to help you clearly articulate your problem and find pathways that will lead to potential solutions. He does not rush to tell you the solution but makes you confident that you can find the answer yourself. He has this amazing ability to ask all the right questions and get you thinking in ways you hadn’t before. An ideation session with him is totally invigorating!

Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director at Landor

Sridhar recently delivered his creative block busting workshop to 14 notforprofits that we work with. Using a mix of humour, excellent videos, self use techniques involving everything from play dough to phone calls, he took us through a journey of using simple tools to get powerful workable ideas. It helps also that he looks rather like the PM! I have known him for thirty years and he remains then and now and mentor beyond compare.

Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access Communications

Sridhar partnered with us at Tata Motors during the transformation phase of the brand. His clear thinking, ability to get everyone else thinking and the support to bring ideas to life was truly unique. Many of the suggestions forth during the innovation workshops conducted by him were finally successfully executed. The foundation of the highly effective digital direct marketing program was laid by him.
I am certain Sridhar will continue to ignite many minds.

Delna Avari, Consultant | Mentor

Sridhar personifies sincerity, imagination, articulation, and superior levels of thinking. Have seen him pushing the innovation agenda and methods in a disciplined manner over several years now, some of the nuggets he has accrued in the process are priceless.

Dr. Pavan Soni, Innovation Evangelist

Sridhar did some excellent Customer Understanding Programs for us in BPCL some years ago, which led to us implement ‘Beyond LPG’ (an initiative which has recorded over a Rs.1000 crore turnover last year). This is an initiative that has made our LPG Distributor network connect with our valuable customers beyond LPG, which has also resulted in improving customer service levels. Sridhar has also helped equip us to do similar programs on our own, so that we can continuously understand customer needs & expectations, and develop suitable offerings to meet these needs / expectations.

Carmen DCosta, Volunteer Consultant for Centre for Social Action

Sridhar and I have worked together over two decades, in varied roles with different entities in our organisation. As someone who tries to “think out of the box” myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sridhar as a “master” of the art of innovation and creative thinking. Moreover, he is someone who can brilliantly challenge the status quo and stimulate fresh thinking, in a fun manner, that is both effective and memorable! His initiatives, such as linking learnings from Carnatic music to the world of business, are truly extraordinary, stimulating and unique!

Sushil Premchand, Owner, PRS Services AG, Zurich

Sridhar brings a fresh perspective to oneself and unlocks the deep-rooted creativity in each person. Sridhar digs out as well as helps an individual mine herself for dormant side of her own personality.

Ravi Narayanan, Country Head -Branch Banking & Retail Trade FX Business at HDFC Bank