“Tell us clearly, what is your expertise? What is in it for us? How can you make it work for us?”

“What is your expertise?”

My expertise it to help people get out of ‘habitual ways of thinking’
I simplify, clarify, and make the thinking process rigorous, but enjoyable.

“What is in it for us?”

It helps you look at current issues and situations through new lenses.    It gives you new perspectives – a key to unlock your potential and benefit from new possibilities. It helps you make the right choices, effectively and efficiently.

“How can you make it work for us?”

I use the Creative Block Busting Process© and the Creative Block Busting Process© Tool Kit, to help you think clearly and differently. The process is encouraging and you feel safe in exploring new options. I help you define a problem sharply, explore ideas imaginatively, select ideas carefully, develop solutions smartly and get buy-in smoothly. I help you take the ideas forward to execution by being with you as an Innovation Facilitator, Consultant & Coach.

Please click here for my detailed profile. If you need more information, please call or write. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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