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“Why are bright managers not able to think differently?”

Imagine there are 25 managers who have come together to solve a major business challenge. A challenge if solved could change the future of their company. They are gathered at a beautiful resort away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

They spend the entire day generating ideas to solve the challenge. How many ideas might they generate? How many of them might be new? How many of them relevant and capable of solving the problem?

They may generate about 20 or 30 ideas. Not many may be new. It is possible that they may walk out quite frustrated because they could not think of anything new. They might also have a boss who is upset and disappointed. “Why are bright managers not able to think differently?” he wonders.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with the bright managers. Maybe there is nothing wrong with the boss either. Often the problem lies in the way they approached this task. What should they have done differently to help them think differently? And get better results from their ideation?

That is what Sridhar’s book “Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation” all about. Sridhar shares in the book his tried and tested process learnt over the last 17 years, facilitating over 400 workshops. He outlines a simple 7-step process. Don’t get put off by the 7-Step process because it may remind of you of textbooks and theoretical models.

Sridhar shares in the book, an interesting story of a cynical CEO and his management team cracking an important issue. The content is fictional and the style is conversational. What is commendable is that the book is 100% jargon free.

As Rama Bijapurkar says The book is unusual because it combines depth and simplicity, brings sharpness and process plus day-to-day applicability to the fuzzy business of ideation.  It makes you think and it helps you act.  Jargon free too!”

 What lends credibility to the book are Sridhar’s credentials. 25 years with Ogilvy India. Best known for his pioneering work in Direct Marketing. Was on the board of Ogilvy, when decided to start his innovation practice in 2000.

Has been an innovation facilitator, consultant and coach for the last 17 years. Facilitated over 400 ideation workshops, created his own ideation process called “Creative Block Busting©”.

The book is nicely designed in a handy size. An unusual and attractive cover design attracts immediate attention. Inside pages are inviting and readable because of the choice of an elegant font and comfortable spacing between lines.  A story, conversational style, a plot that we can relate to, attractive page design – all these work together to make the book eminently readable.

Available in paperback and Kindle edition too.

Paperback – Rs 360

Kindle Edition – Rs 300











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