How to Keep Your Marketing Engine Oiled

“When are you going to get specific?” “Good Morning Prasna**. What do you want me to get specific about?” “How can people in marketing or HR or Training or any other function use your process? Can you not give some examples?” ” I understand. If you do not think I am lazy, may I post […]

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Einstein

“Do you know what Einstein has said about imagination?” “Yes, Prasna**” “What did he say?” “Imagination is more important than knowledge” “Then why is it that you have not written about imagination? Do you not talk about it in your workshops?” “Of course I do. In fact, I give them the beginning of a story, […]

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“Want great ideas? Leave your people alone.”

I just returned after completing a two-day workshop for a client. Here are a few points from the closing comments shared by my client and some of the participants. Client 1: “I thought that my product category is so a boring, people will have nothing to say. I am amazed at what they have done.” […]

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How to improve just about anything

“What are you going to write about today?” asked Prasna Rao** “I am not writing anything new today. Instead I am simply sharing a blog I wrote exclusively for . Apparently it was one of their best read pieces.“ “Ah! Now you have found a lazy way to write a blog!” Here is the […]

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How a child solved a problem

  Years ago our daughter Pavitra taught me a lesson. It is about how to redefine or reframe a problem. She simply used her intuition as a child and surpised us. Here is the story in a 3 minute podcast. Enjoy. RS PODCAST PAVITRA STORY Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share […]

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Can you train people to be creative?

“Can you train people to be creative? Does that work?” “Good morning Prasna Rao**! That is a good question.” “Don’t play facilitator with me. Just answer the question.” “Of course people can be trained to be creative. Why do you ask?” “Because there are a lot of people out there who think they are not […]

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Does every innovation have to be a game-changer?

“What is innovation according to you?” Prasna Rao** lobbed this question at me as he walked in. “Any new idea that is implemented and adds value to the stake-holder is an innovation?” “Is that so? What about process improvements? I implement a new idea to improve efficiency, reduce cost, save time, increase safety etc?” “All […]

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How to find your next great idea

I picked up this book “Ideaspotting – How to find your next great idea” by Sam Harrison couple of years ago. It is a book I regularly use for inspiration whenever I am looking for an idea or designing a workshop for idea generation. The book urges us to be ‘Ideaspotters’ and not be a […]

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How to get ideas

“How do you get your ideas?” Prasna Rao** asked me this morning. “Why do you ask?” “Because, many people want to know, but do not seem to ask any one.” “I do various things. ” “Like what? Why can’t you be a bit specific and more helpful?” “First,  I have to be clear about what […]

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