Not another blog on Steve Jobs

“I was just wondering why you have not done it yet.” Prasna* remarked when he saw me load Steve Jobs’ picture here. “What have I not done yet, Prasna?” “Write a blog on Steve Jobs. Some of your friends have suggested you should write one. Is it not?” “Well, I am not keen to write […]

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“The CEO is not always right”

“You are getting bolder as you grow older, is it?” quipped Prasna** when I finished typing the headline. “Well, you can say that. However the man who says this emphatically is Richard Branson, in an article I read recently.” (Click here to read the full article) “So what is special about this article?” “He […]

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How to grow an idea pool – Sumit Roy

(Sumit Roy runs the world’s smallest “learn-by-earning university”: . It has just one employee – him. Yet it has ‘students’ spread across USA, UK, Russia, South Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Australia. He learnt how to grow brands at Ogilvy. He learnt how to grow people who grow brands at Lintas. He has […]

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Quite frankly, innovation is not for everyone

“That is quite a bold statement to make. Does this mean that innovation is only for a chosen, privileged few?” Prasna** jumped right in, even before I could complete the sentence. ” No Prasna. I am conscious that this statement might sound discouraging, perhaps even elitist.  I do not mean it to be.” “Then why […]

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How to defrost frozen minds

I just read what wikipedia says about ‘defrosting’. “Defrosting is a procedure, performed periodically on refrigerators and freezers to maintain their operating efficiency.” It goes to explain how the ice is formed and subsequently remains there affecting the efficiency of the refrigerator or any other similar equipment. Our minds are some what similar. Over the […]

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Where do differentiating ideas come from?- SG

(This is our third guest post. This time from another friend I admire for his infectious enthusiasm and prolific ideas.  Subhabrata Ghosh – best known as SG – . This is about SG by SG. “25 wonderful years in building some of the best loved brands in India. Leading fantastic teams in Rediffusion and […]

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What are the barriers to innovation?

“How did you plan these interviews?” Prasna** asked. “The CNBC TV 18 team and I worked closely together. We had a master plan covering various aspects of innovation. Then we discussed who we could approach for the particular episode. We then detailed the episode plan, for each segment within the episode.” “Did you learn anything?” […]

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What do innovative organisations do?

“Did the show do well?”asked Prasna** “I believe so. That is what the CNBC TV 18 people told me.” “What is this section about?” “Just see it.  I don’t have to explain it.”   “You seem to have had some fun” “Yes, the discussions were lively.” **Prasna Rao is an unusual friend. He appears every […]

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What makes an organisation innovative?

“I did not know you anchored a show on CNBC TV 18. How did that happen?” “They had called me to advise them about a show on innovation. One of the senior people suddenly asked ‘Why don’t you do it?’ They did an audition which was approved. That is how it happened Prasna**” ” You […]

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