“I am not creative”

“Are you happy with the JUST20MINUTES session today?” asked Prasna** “Well, I think it was better than the last one.” “I am inclined to agree. Where did you learn about using alphabets creatively?” “I saw it on YouTube. One of the Ogilvy offices tried this experiment with their staff. I was inspired by it.” “Did […]

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“JUST20MINUTES” webinar series launched

“Why did you think of this?” asked Prasna** “I thought this was the best way to reach out to people. Reach them where they were through a medium they were used to.” “What is this ‘JUST20MINUTES’ business?” “People do not have time. They are moving from project to project, task to task, job-list to job-list. […]

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How Leaders Help Innovation

(Pavan Soni is a friend I admire and envy. I admire his passion for innovation and envy the fact that he has taken time off to do a PhD in IIM Bangalore.  Pavan is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion.  The first time I read about him, the words ‘Innovation Evangelist’ […]

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Calcutta Exile: The writing of a novel – Bunny Suraiya

I met Bunny Suraiya when she was working in our Calcutta office. What struck me first was her energy and infectious enthusiasm. She introduced me to one of the best books on Direct Marketing by Drayton Bird. Later we worked together to win the ITC Welcome Group business for Ogilvy & Mather Direct (now Ogilvy […]

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What Makes Israelis So Innovative?

(Mr. Gopalakrishnan, needs no introduction. I read this wonderful piece and sought his permission to carry this as a ‘Guest Post’. As always he was prompt in his reply and generous in his response. I have taken the liberty of using one the lines from the article as the headline for this post.) BITZUA AND […]

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How people get ideas

“Why are you obsessed with ideas?” Prasna** fired his question even as I typed my title. “Because I believe innovation happens when people ask a good question or have a good idea. I know many people think that they are not creative and suffer from mental blocks. I believe that every one is creative and […]

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“How do you know people read what you write?”

“How do you know people read what you write ?” asked Prasna**  as I sat down to write my blog.I knew instantly that I cannot proceed without answering him.  Nevertheless, I pretended not to hear him. He would not let go. “Tell me. How do you know people read what you write?” “Are you referring […]

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My Innovation Post Box 2

“How do you select items for posting to your Innovation Post Box?” asked Prasna** “It is invariably the headine and sometimes the picture.” “The award winning blue ribbon brewmaster‘s story. How did you pick that up?” “The words  ‘Secrets of a blue ribbon brewmaster’ caught my attention. I read it in a flight, tore the […]

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How to sell your idea to your boss

“I think it is a great idea. I also know my boss won’t buy it.” “Why not?” “ I am not sure. This is my hunch.” “ What kind of objections could he have for your idea? Do you know?” “No. I don’t know.” “Then how do you say this? Has he ever thrown your […]

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How to get ideas when you want

Several people ask me this question. People in business are more interested in this than anyone else – for them time is money. Therefore the quicker they get ideas, seize opportunities, solve problems – the more money they make or save. If you want to know how to get ideas on demand, we must first […]

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