How do I make the right decision

How do I make the right decision is a concern all of us have. A CEO, a manager, an aspiring professional, a consultant or an executive coach – this question confronts us often. This ‘anxiety’ looms large especially when we are not clear about the choices we have. We do not have clarity about how […]

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How to get ideas without thinking

You are working on something important. You are thinking of a variety of ways to crack a problem. You are not happy with your ideas. They are ok, but somewhat predictable. You want some out of the box ideas. Something completely different which can trigger off new directions. But your mind refuses to go beyond […]

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How will you measure your life (by Clayton Christensen)

You are feeling low. You have done well in your career. You have done well in your current job. Yet you believe that you do not get your share of credit.  You start wondering about your real worth to your company. Soon you arrive at a point where you start thinking “May be I am […]

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Get 40 ideas instead of 10 – a new iPhone app shows you how

Sweet Poli, served with pure hot ghee

“Why do you need 40 ideas instead of 10?”  asked Prasna* “In a problem solving situation, some times the initial ideas that we get, may not be good enough to solve the problem. We might need to think differently to arrive at more potent solutions.” “How do you do that?” “One way to do that […]

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How to get ideas anytime, anywhere

“You keep talking about this app. What is it? Who is it meant for?” Prasna*,  it is a business app addressing the ambitious professional wanting to make a mark. He believes he can make a difference by the quality of his ideas. Therefore he is constantly, actively looking for ideas big and small to seize […]

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“Who would pay to listen to you, Sridhar?”

“What is the speaking career you mentioned in your FB post?”  Prasna* came straight to  the point. “There are many professional speakers today, and I would like to be one of them.” “Who is a professional speaker?”   “Someone who is like a professional singer, an actor, a writer – they get paid for their […]

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Why do most innovation programmes fail?

What do companies do when a new boss says “Innovation has to be part of our DNA”? Here are a few things most companies do. 1. Organise Innovation & Creativity workshops. 2. Form an Innovation task force 3. Start an idea scheme asking for ideas from employees 4. Invite well known celebrities and authors who […]

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What is an idea?

Do you know the difference between an idea, creativity and innovation? Or do you use them interchangeably like most others do? Watch this video to get clarity on what an idea is, what is creativity and what makes innovation different. Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers […]

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What is the real issue?

What differentiates a good doctor, manager and a consultant from the mediocre ones is their ability to define the right problem. With a little bit of practice any one can become good at identifying the real issue. The best solution solving the wrong problem is a waste of time. Irrelevant brilliance delivers nothing. Bookmark on […]

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Why brainstorming is a waste of time

90% of all brainstorming is a waste of time. There is nothing wrong with brainstorming though. What frustrates all of us is the manner in which brainstorming is practised . The good news is that we can get better outputs from brainstorming. This video tells you how. Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share […]

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