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Prabhakar Mundur

“Sridhar has been very generous with this book. He is sharing his years of experience as an innovation and ideas coach finally with the community at large. What’s wonderful about the book is that instead of writing it like a text book, he has written it in a fictional and conversational style. So the narrative unfolds like a real story, making it easy for the reader to absorb the various concepts and techniques in innovation and ideas. It also makes difficult concepts come alive.

The fictional client VJ with whom Sridhar is interacting with in the book, reminds you of the average client that you have had to deal with if you ever were in marketing or advertising or other creative businesses. Sridhar unlocks the secrets of innovation metaphorically with various keys which he refers to at the very beginning of the book and then later starts to explain the intricacies of each key.

Key no 1 : The Master Key
Key no 2 : The Brains Key
Key no 3 : The Design Key
Key no 4 : The Wizard Key
Key no 5 : The Smart Key
Key no 6: The Moment of Truth
Key no 7 : The Action Key

Sridhar lays a lot of importance on defining the problem accurately. And he seems to be a master at doing this himself. Here Sridhar has followed the method of the great Masters. Albert Einstein was known to have said “ If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only 5 minutes finding the solution”. So the importance of defining the problem can’t be overemphasised.

Whether you are a practitioner or a student, I would highly recommend reading this book for its great insights into the method of creative ideation and innovation. There is a virtual mine of tools and techniques in this book which the reader might want to use for himself in the workplace or in the classroom.

If you are one of those people who want to look beyond your nose and therefore the obvious, you should grab this book right away.”
“Ideas are all around us. But are they really? Actually, we are surrounded by the killing fields of ideas. This book is a potent tool that has the power to reduce homicide of ideas, help zero in on true gems, and get your company to benefit from understanding the seventh key (The Action Key).

Read this simple D-I-Y manual to reduce infant mortality rate of big ideas. The cherry topping? As a clear departure from the usual massively boring management books, this one reads like an action-thriller!”




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