Learning from Mahabharata

I sat down and looked around the room. It occurred to me that 50% of the participants were probably half my age. I discovered a little later that there was one other participant about my age.

The workshop name: The 5 Seats of Power. The word power had nothing to do with power as we normally understand it. The workshop is about Transforming Business Leaders through an introspective experience. The participant guide is a unique workbook which makes you reflect on issues we normally tend to take for granted.

One of the exercises was to try colouring a Mandala Template. What you see here is my first piece. We did not discuss this.  I like what I have done – but why did I choose this colour combination? I wonder.

The two days had several individual and group exercises. As in all good workshops, I came back feeling upbeat about life work etc. But this time I noticed a key difference. I noticed that I am a little more comfortable looking at issues I tended to avoid.

One such topic is about failure. We tend to push failures under the carpet. In my case, it is about launching a mobile app called TickleMeThink. It bombed.  I have been shying away from launching a better mobile app because I have been licking my wounds from the last experience.

This 2-day workshop experience has helped me look at what I can do better/differently if I were to relaunch TickleMeThink.

Two days well spent.

PS: It is possible that you want to know more details about this workshop. It is best you write to the organisers directly at seek@quinnergy.com







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