How to save some one’s life even if you aren’t a doctor

Is that possible? Yes it is possible.
All you have to do is to donate blood.
Or share information about donating blood.
Or share information about an organisation which is doing excellent service in reaching blood at their critical moment of need.

Why is this important?

Do you know how bottles of blood are needed in India? How many are actually available?And what is the shortage?
These figures are eye openers. It was certainly an eye opener for me.

“According to WHO, India faces a blood shortage of 3 million units a year.

In towns that are Tier 2 or lower, patients’ lives are at the mercy of brokers who step in for commercial benefit. An added issue – blood is perishable, to be transfused within 46 days, so many donations to blood banks are actually wasted. Shocking.

Additionally, with the growing diagnosis, incidence and treatment of cancer, there is a critical need for live donations of blood, platelets, marrow etc.

At the Tata Memorial Hospital, which has one of the largest blood banks in Asia constantly faces a shortage of live donors for cancer patients – and this is in Mumbai.

If you had read this blog this far, please do all our fellow Indians a favour.

There is a fine organisation which organises blood for emergencies. They save 8 lives a by organising blood for emergency needs. Their ambition is to save 100 lives a day.
And they need your help to do this.

If you are a CEO or senior person in an organisation, please help @BloodDonorsin grow from saving 8 lives a day to 100 lives a day.
1. Spread this message across in all your social media platforms
2. Get your LinkedIn Connections, FaceBook friends, relatives, employees to become donors and volunteers @BloodDonorsIn or Blood Donors India.

You may want to read more about how passing on a message on donating blood makes a huge difference : – It tells you a compelling story how a couple devoted to the cause of organising blood for emergencies are spreading the message. And makings things happen.

Over to you now. Just request everyone you know to become donors @BloodDonorsIn or Blood Donors India.

Thank you. Some one from the family of  the person whose life you saved will thank you for it.

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