How to locate a prospect

If you are pet foods business and want to grow, how do you locate new prospects who have pets at home?

If you are in the hotel business and want to locate frequent business travelers what do you do?

If you sell travelers cheques to people going abroad, how can you find such travelers?

My team & I cracked these challenges in simple ways.

Take the pet foods example. One of our team members mentioned that people who own pets like having nice pictures of pets.

We had a client who ambitions to grow without a budget to match. So, we devised a simple classified ad offering a free poster of a puppy. People wrote to the box number, with their address. Client’s salesmen would visit the person, hand over a lovely poster and a free sample of their brand. Thereafter follow up on phone for regular supplies.

Encouraged by the results our client agreed to try a small display ad, with the same text. It produced better results. Emboldened by this we suggested carrying a picture of the free poster in a small display ad. That produced the best results.

A client assigned a Frequent Business Traveler Programme of a large chain of hotels. Our first task was to locate frequent business travelers. We devised a simple campaign. We advertised in the in-flight magazine of the only domestic airline at that time. The headline said, “Your boarding pass could take you on a free trip to New York.”

Flyers had to send their boarding pass along with their visiting card to a post box number. The results were excellent.

Another example.

A client was selling travelers’ cheques for people traveling abroad for business. (This was long before dollar cards were available so freely). They were keen to create a list of prospects. Readymade lists were not available.

We placed a small display ad in the newspaper. In the same page that carried news about foreign exchange rates for the day. Logic? Anyone buying travelers’ cheques would want to know the exchange rate for the day.

Our clients found their prospects in the most cost-effective and cost-efficient manner. Why did our efforts work?

All our efforts were based on our understanding of people and their behavior. And we made it so simple for them to act. In every case, we thought differently from what might have been the normal practice.

Most importantly we had great fun delivering better results to clients.

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