How to get ideas without thinking

You are working on something important. You are thinking of a variety of ways to crack a problem. You are not happy with your ideas.
They are ok, but somewhat predictable.

You want some out of the box ideas. Something completely different which can trigger off new directions. But your mind refuses to go beyond the obvious.

Now there is a simple way to do it. It is possible to explore thousands of new ideas at the touch of a button. You don’t have to think;  just hit a button.

Our new Ideavendr™ is designed to help you.  And it is free.

Here is how it works. Think of what you want ideas for. Try  Ideavendr™ .  Keep asking for new ideas. All ideas from Ideavendr™ may not seem relevant or sensible. Some may even  look crazy, foolish, perhaps childish.  But there could be a couple that trigger new possibilities in your mind. What’s more, it is simple, easy to use – you don’t have to think hard.  Just relax over a cup of tea/coffee or anything else that you prefer. Just keep asking for more ideas. Ideavendr™ will never say no!

Remember what Einstein once said “If at first your idea doesn’t seem absurd, there may be nothing in it!”

Have fun!

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