How to find your next great idea

I picked up this book “Ideaspotting – How to find your next great idea” by Sam Harrison couple of years ago.

It is a book I regularly use for inspiration whenever I am looking for an idea or designing a workshop for idea generation.

The book urges us to be ‘Ideaspotters’ and not be a trainspotter. (Apparently Trainspotter is British slang for a dull obsessive guy whose hobby is standing for hours on station platforms, meticulously recording the serial numbers of trains passing by).

The author says “Ideaspotters are over here one day, over there the next. Exploring new places. making new connections. Uncovering new insights. ”

The book puts us in touch with “Ideaspotters – designers, writers, artists, illustrators, marketers, sales people, CEOs, diplomats, scientists, inventors, event planners, product developers, athletes, actors, chefs, musicians, philosophers, educators and dozens of other creative folks.”

The book describes how these people spot ideas with nice examples, exercises and interesting easy to use techniques. Here is the title of chapter 1. “Nobody spots hot ideas in cold offices. So why sit there?” This gives an immediate feel for what follows in the rest of the book.

One tip I liked was to create a file of rejected ideas (dead idea file). When you are working on a project look through those and you just might spot gold there. Sam Harrison quotes the example of how a lollipop became a toothbrush. Toymaker Hasbro had invented a tiny gizmo that transmits sound through the teeth and jawbone. They created a lollipop that would play a tune when in the child’s mouth. But it was prohibitively expensive. Later they wanted to create a playful toothbrush and this idea lead them to create a musical toothbrush.

This book would be invaluable for people in new  product development, marketing/brand management, advertising, design, training and event management. In fact for any one who is bored with the ordinary.

My rating: 4/4

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