How people get ideas

“Why are you obsessed with ideas?” Prasna** fired his question even as I typed my title.

“Because I believe innovation happens when people ask a good question or have a good idea. I know many people think that they are not creative and suffer from mental blocks. I believe that every one is creative and with a little help everyone can have ideas.”

“Stop lecturing to me, Sridhar. What is this e-book you have just published? What is it about?

How do you get ideas

“Sometime ago I wrote to several people. I asked them 3 questions. ‘How do you get ideas. Where do you go. Whom do you talk to?’ Many wrote back sharing what they do to get ideas. I found their tips fascinating.”

“Give me an example”

“Here is one. ‘Don’t chase ideas, don’t get into brainstorming’. Instead the recommendation is to soak into the subject, speak to people, listen and let things be. Ideas will arrive.”

“Do you agree with this?”

“I know this works for a few of my friends. It has worked for me too.”

“I notice you are calling this ‘An incomplete book’. Why?”

“Because it is incomplete! I would love to continue getting more views. When people read this they might wish to share what they do differently. I want to carry those views too. I believe that this book is sowing a seed and many things can grow from this. So I call this incomplete. I am looking forward to bringing out Version 2.0 soon.”

“How can people get this e-book?”

“Here is the link:  . All they have to do is to simply click on the link to read the e-book. ”

“What new things are you planning for 2012?”

“I am excited about going online with my workshops in 2012. My pilots have done well. ”

“Good luck.”
**Prasna Rao is an unusual friend. He appears every time I start writing something. He is almost always there when I am writing my blog. He asks questions that are razor sharp and often makes me uncomfortable. He is relentless till I answer his questions in simple, clear terms. You might find that he is most of the times asking questions that you want to. Therefore he is on your side, while he is putting me in the dock. I call him my Uninvited Coach


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2 Responses to “How people get ideas”

  1. Priyanka says:

    I ruminate over the subject wherein Im interested to get the ideas, it comes anywhere and anytime. But have to keep all my 5 senses active to reach out and identify that big next thing

  2. Jim Campbell says:

    I, too, am infatuated with ideas. Good ideas are fun, rewarding and people start paying attention to the fact that you have something else going on that they wish they had. It’s very simple actually. I noticed, as most people do, that good ideas would tend to flow to me when I was in the shower. I came to understand that that was because the conscious mind was quieter than usual and the subconscious was in more control. I also read a good book, “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs”. I now go to the ocean or other peaceful places when I want to calm my mind and enjoy the new ideas which will inevitably come (flow)…


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