How I got my first job



April 23, 1969.

I had finished my last paper for my BSc Physics final year. I was quite unhappy with my performance.

My father returned home from work that evening. As we were getting ready for dinner he asked.

“How did it go?”

“Quite bad.” I replied.

“How bad?”

“So bad that I would either fail or get a poor third class.” I replied.

He did not say a word. We had a quiet dinner that night. Next morning as he was ready to leave for work he asked

“What is your future plan? Do you want to study further? Or you want to start working?”

I want to start working.”

“Then start looking for a job from today.”

“Who will give me a job? I have not even got my results.”

“This is the only time you have a chance of getting a job. Once the results, no one will give you a job. So, start hunting for a job from today. You have to beat the results. You have two months to do it.”

I got a job with a management consultant on May 13, 1969.

Why am I narrating a 50-year-old story today?

Because it introduced me to the habit of thinking differently. Challenging assumptions. Not accepting status quo.

It also helped me understand that a person who has a problem is not able to think as freely as the person outside it.

It formed a foundation for the work I am doing today and has given me a mission:

“Help people think differently; do better.

One thought on “How I got my first job

  1. So it was your father who started you off on this path of “thinking differently”.

    Truth, well told.

    Oh, wait, That’s from another agency.

    But I guess, we sell or else also applies to your first job.

    Thanks for sharing.

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