How do I make the right decision

The Decision BookHow do I make the right decision is a concern all of us have. A CEO, a manager, an aspiring professional, a consultant or an executive coach – this question confronts us often. This ‘anxiety’ looms large especially when we are not clear about the choices we have. We do not have clarity about how to look at issues. The Decision Book is one book that will help people in the pursuit of clarity. It offers  interesting ways to think about issues with the help of ‘thinking models’. The book offers 50 models for strategic thinking. Not all of them have to do with business. The models help to simplify our thinking. They are pragmatic and help us focus on the right thing. “Models help us to reduce the complexity of a situation, by enabling us to suppress most of it and concentrate on what is important.” The 50 models are broadly classified as follows: How to improve yourself  (check out the Eisenhower Matrix on how to work more efficiently) How to understand yourself better (Interesting one: The Superficial Knowledge model: Everything you need not know!) How to understand others better (Eye Opener: The Prisoner’s Dilemma: When is it worth trusting someone?) How to improve others (Useful: The role playing model: How to change your own point of view) What I like about the book is that it is written in a nice conversational, encouraging style. The book is not talking down to me but makes me think. While it is an easy read and we might be tempted to finish it fast, I would urge that we treat it as a workbook. Test the models with colleagues, friends, spouses, clients and see how they work for you. You may not find all the models relevant. That does not matter. Even if you found a handful that are useful, you will find fresh thinking that can clear away all the doubts and confusion. Caution: This book is not for people who want answers, here and now, because we do not have time. (We do not have time to think, but we have time to redo anything because it did not work the first time) This book is certainly for those people who are optimistic and are constantly looking for new ways to improve their thinking and decision making. And are willing to spend time thinking, to look for the right answers. If you are one of them – go for it.

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