Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.29.47 am“A masterpiece from an innovator full of ideas! Sridhar downloads his mercurial brain into this blueprint for ideation. As technology-led change accelerates and we find ourselves firmly embedded in the idea economy, the skill of the century is ‘ideation’. Sridhar’s book offers an impressive arsenal against irrelevance –  a must read for anyone interested in innovation.”

– Dr R.A.Mashelkar, Former Director of CSIR, President, Global Research Alliance


Drayton-Feb-440x248“This book is a joy – in every way except one.

It tells a story. People love them. The story starts with a surprise. They always work. It is highly practical. Thank God. It is blessedly easy to understand. What a blessing! It is in plain English, no fancy business school jargon. Hurrah! If only the ghastly word ‘ideation’ were not in the title…”

– Drayton Bird, Chairman, Drayton Bird Associates. Author of Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing, How to Write Sales Letters (and Emails) that Sell

View From The Toprama_b

“This book is unusual because it combines depth and simplicity, brings sharpness and process plus day-to-day applicability to the fuzzy business of ideation.  It makes you think and it helps you act.  Jargon free too!”

– Rama Bijapurkar, Market Strategy Consultant and Author



“For years, Sridhar has been Corporate India’s go-to man on Ideation. He now translates years of experience into an immensely readableBharat Puri and a practically useful book on how to make ideation work for you.

Recommended for anybody who wants breakthrough rather than incremental ideas.”

– Bharat Puri, Managing Director, Pidilite Industries



“Years of emphasis on conformance have robbed the minds of millions of bright people of the treasures of thinking creatively. GChella

R Sridhar’s book gently nudges us to make creativity a healthy cognitive habit. Anyone whose job involves solving problems and  finding solutions can benefit from this treasure trove of ideas about ideation.”

– Ganesh Chella, Co-founder & Managing Director, Coaching Foundation India Limited


Santosh Desai“Anyone looking to find answers beyond the obvious, whether in business or indeed in life, will find in this book practical and highly valuable insights. A great story told with a lot of examples to ensure that every reader emerges with something to think about and a lot to apply.”

  • – Santosh Desai, Managing Director & Chief Executive, Future Brands


MOswal“I found the book eminently interesting, relevant and stimulating.

The second key – the brain key, of choosing right people is of particular importance.

The 2×2 matrix Impact v/s Effort in ‘Chapter 6’ is quite simple but most relevant for leaders and managers. The conversation style employed in most of the chapters makes the reading very engaging. In many aspects, I could relate to VJ, the MD of the FMCG company.”

– Motilal Oswal, Chairman & Managing Director, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.


Ramesh_4C[1]--621x414“An extremely interesting concept. Something that I believe will help many achieve solutions to problems that seemed impossible. There has been enough talked about cross-functional teams, diversity, inclusion and team building. What I find fascinating in this book is, as a concept it brings together all the three approaches.

The execution process set out is cordial and friendly. Therefore substantially reduces the pressure. As a matter of fact, it energises every participant to give his or her best. Its collective victory of ensuring end objective is well achieved.”

– Ramesh Iyer, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra Finance Limited


“Like an indulgent grandfather sharing powerful lessons with a loved one, Sridhar distills his experience, knowledge Prakash Iyerand wisdom into seven keys for ideation, garnishes them with a generous helping of anecdotes, and tops it up with powerful questions that we should all learn to ask.

This is not just another book on creative thinking. It is a complete, life-changing workshop-in-a-book! Grab the keys that Sridhar is giving you, and unlock your mind. Forever.”

– Prakash Iyer, Motivational Speaker, Author & Leadership Coach


DeepaSoman“ ‘Unlock the Real Power of Ideation’ is a deceptively simple and powerful ‘reference manual’ for entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders, who want to think better, individually and as teams. A generous best-practice book on the process and practice of collaborating and asking better questions to achieve professional and personal goals.”

– Deepa Soman, Managing Director, Lumière Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Brands, Marketing, Advertising


“This book is enjoyable and readable even as it is deep and thoughtful. It is a must-read for those seeking

fresh approaches to solving problems or fostering creativity. Sridhar has Iyer_Easwar
distilled his many years of experience and vision into seven easy-to-apply keys that will help ignite your creative ideas!”

–   Dr. Easwar Iyer, Professor of Marketing, University of Massachusetts


“Sridhar in his book ‘Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation’ presents a very practical way of infusing the innovation gene into any company and unlock the true creative and ideation potential of people and processes.

Narrated as a story, the Ambibook is an engrossing read, filled to the brim with examples, tools, techniques and keys for unlocking the innovation treasure trove hidden deep in companies.”

– Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Strategist, Founder Brand-Building.com, Author of ‘Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles – India Through 50 Years of Advertising’



Anyone can have an idea. That’s the central theme of R. Sridhar’s eminently readable book that demystifies the entireRamanujam-Sridhar process of ideation. A must read for anyone in advertising, marketing and communication. The format of the book makes for easy reading and is in startling contrast to the jargon-filled, confusion that marks management books. I enjoyed reading it and I am sure you will not only read it but benefit from it.”

– Sridhar Ramanujam, Founder CEO, Integrated Brand-Comm Pvt. Ltd.


Sumit Roy“Good magicians don’t reveal their secrets. But great magicians have no such fears. They help wannabe magicians become good. I predict that Sridhar will create several hundred good idea magicians with this one book. His conversational style makes it one of the best ‘how to…’ books I have read.”

– Sumit Roy, Founder Director, Univbrands. Fellow Idea Management Practitioner


“Disruptive ideas are not just a flash of individual brilliance. This book is a chest of wisdom for business leaders to unlock collective brainpower to get new solutions to organisational problems.madhukar_sabnavis

Storyteller Sridhar’s conversational style makes every page seem common sense.

Yet together they become ‘uncommon sense.’

An enlightening and enjoyable read.”

– Madhukar Sabnavis, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, India


GMan“Storytelling at its best. And if you thought there is no method to the madness in getting good ideas, you will be refreshingly surprised while you are reading this book.

Page after page, Sridhar, in a unique conversational style, and with real life situations, takes you through a structured approach to getting business impacting ideas. You will go back to it, again and again.

The seven keys to unlocking the real power of ideation have a Potteresque intrigue to them, bringing out the child in you. A must for everybody, not just in their library but as a daily workbook.”

– R Gowthaman, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare Asia Pacific

“Are you a marketer who has identified an unaddressed customer need, and are hungry for solution ideas?Karthi Marshan

Sridhar can help you generate thousands in just a few hours. I have had the privilege of attending his workshop, and I vouch for both the process and the outcomes. This book is the next best thing.”

– Karthi Marshan, Chief Curiosity Officer, Kotak Mahindra Group


“The power to create and implement ideas is one of the most potent currencies for career growth.

luluBreakthrough ideation requires an enormous amount of rigour and discipline. Sridhar’s latest book lays out an easy to embrace process (and key tools at every step) to help you develop your expertise and confidence in this critical 21st-century skill. The conversational style draws you in, and the practical examples are very relatable. Readers would find the examples at every stage extremely useful. I can’t wait to get my hard copy so that I can scribble all over it! ”

– Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor


“A riveting, insightful narrative that inspires and demystifies what it takes to ideate using techniques tested effectively across Sridhar’s myriad experiences.Deepak

The book appeals to problem solvers at all levels. It is specifically relevant to the Marketing Research fraternity to move towards the desired end state of solution co-creators.”

– Deepak Mann, Regional Head-MR, Amway (Europe-India-Africa)


Human Resources, People Development

Raghu Ananthanarayanan who inspires, enthrals and encourages people who want to be the best they can be

“By bringing the element of playfulness to the process of ideation, Sridhar has demonstrated his mastery over the subject.

He brings alive the delicate art of igniting creative thinking through insightful conversations.”

– Raghu Ananthanarayanan, Director and Chief Consultant, FLAME TAOKnoware Pvt.Ltd. Author of ‘Leadership Dharma: Arjuna the Timeless Metaphor’.


Rajesh Padmanabhan“This book helps people think clearly and dwell into the concept of ideas, creativity, and innovation. It provides techniques and guidelines to implement creative ideas in real life business situations.

Sridhar brings in an Executive Coaching Style which I think is a unique creation and helps make a new beginning and break old habits.”

– Rajesh Padmanabhan, Director & Group CHRO, Welspun Group


“This book is much needed and relevant to all leaders in this day and ageleena-nair

– the era where people believe everything can be googled and we are bombarded

with ‘fresh new ideas’ with no real business impact.

Nothing beats 16 years of Sridhar’s ideation sessions’ experience that goes back to what is core to us humans. The book is thought-provoking and is a captivating read.”

– Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer, Unilever Head Quarters, London, UK


Mona Cheriyan“Sridhar’s book has an engaging conversational style which got me hooked from the start.

The real life examples of situations and simple checklists to be followed are really useful clues on how one can go about the innovation journey.

I loved the fact that it answered the many questions I had!”

– Mona Cheriyan, President & Group Head Human Resources, Thomas Cook (India) Ltd


“I read the book cover to cover!Pradeep Chak

The style is simple, and the content is a perfect balance between concepts

and application.

I am confident that this will be a great boon to everyone looking for a book on making ideation work.”

– Pradeep Chakravarthy, Behaviourist, Formerly Infosys & McKinsey


“This book is a pleasant read – it reads like one long case study, but one told in a simple storytelling style so that it never gets pedantic.

aarti_shyamsunder_09-2013-1It is littered with easy-to-apply tips, personal and relatable examples, and vivid, memorable metaphors – useful for managers looking to run more impactful meetings, or trainers looking for new workshop facilitation tricks – or anyone interested in ideation ‘at work,’ really!”

Dr. Aarti Shyamsunder, PhD, Organizational Psychologist and Independent Consultant


Innovation, R&D, Transformation

“For practitioners of organisational transformation and business excellence, one of the key questions has always been about the recipe that would make an organisation good at generating high-quality ideas and taking them to fruition. I’ve known Sridhar for more than a decade now, and his approaches are always refreshing, powerful and effective.Vivek Talwar my pic 1


This book captures the essence of what I can only describe as Sridhar’s secret sauce for ideation and is a beautiful blend of the yin and the yang – process on one side, and that soft and woolly bundle of organisational climate on the other.

Pick this book up, adopt its approaches, and you may end up transforming your organisation beyond recognition.”

– Vivek Talwar, Chief Culture Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, Tata Power


“Today, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are top three skills required to succeed in a career and remain competitive in business.

The book provides a simple-to-understand seven-step process to unlock and unleash the creativity of individuals

and unleash the creativity of individuals, teams and organisations. a chinchure

This book is a must-read for all business executives and students.”


Dr. Aravind Chinchure, Chair Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India


Judajit Das“Executing organization transformation in a rapidly changing world to stay competitive will test the limits of our imagination.

Sridhar’s practical models & pithy insights developed over a lifetime of rich experience will surely help business leaders and HR professionals use creativity as a force multiplier for navigating through change & uncertainty.

‘Unlock The Real Power of Ideation’ is a playbook for executives seeking the next breakthrough idea.”

– Judhajit Das, Chief-Human Resources, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited

“Perpetual Innovation is also a perpetual challenge. CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and Business leaders of today will not only Yurifind this book a brilliant and arresting read but will also find practical ways to generate ideas to thaw any challenging situation.”


– Yuri Aguiar, Director of Innovation and Transformation, Ogilvy Worldwide



Shreerang Nabar“Mr. Sridhar’s book is a must read for anyone who is involved in any aspect of Innovation, be it involving technology or business. The many case studies bear an uncanny resemblance to the real world, which help the reader relate to his personal experiences. They also drive home the need to have an expert like Mr. Sridhar help navigate the challenges of having a healthy and robust ideation process.

A great and timely contribution from Mr. Sridhar to the innovation community and eco-system.”

Mr. Shreerang Nabar, Executive VP (R&D) at Pidilite USA


































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