Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation


Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation

Why are bright managers unable to think differently? 

Why are ideation sessions not as productive as managers would like them to be?

Why do senior leaders kill ideas when their support is most needed?
I  answer all these troubling questions and many more in my book “Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation.”
I share everything I have learnt about designing and facilitating ideation sessions. Things that I have learnt over the last 17 years. Facilitating over 400 ideation workshops. For a variety of clients, across various businesses and product categories.

I share a simple step-by-step process that will help you make your ideation sessions more effective. Interesting and different ideas, practical and doable.

It is an easy to follow 7 step process.

Define what you want ideas for

Choose the right people

Design a robust process

Use divergence to generate a variety of options

Use convergence to arrive at ideas worth pursuing

Make a business case

Commit resources, time and money and act!

Read the first chapter free and then decide whether you can do without it!

To download a free digital copy of Chapter 1, please fill the simple form below (takes you less than 15 seconds!)

You can immediately  download the free digital copy of the prelude and chapter 1 of my book ‘Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation’  – Sridhar

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