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Innovation Facilitator, Consultant, Coach/Partner, IDEAS-RS, TEDx Speaker. Author.

Clears the cobwebs in your minds. Ignites Imagination. Makes Innovation deliver results for you.

Sridhar is an Innovation Facilitator, Consultant & Creativity Coach, who helps his clients benefit from the power of ideas. He helps clients choose the right challenges, generate alternative ideas, select ideas smartly, develop them into powerful solutions, and coaches them through to implementation.

His mission: helping people who want to think differently and do things better

His clients value his work because of his expertise, experience and commitment to delivering results. His clients include blue chip organisations across all sectors in India.

Sridhar has just published a book “Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation” – a book about how to get the best out of ideation sessions. The book has been receiving excellent reviews and response from business leaders. Sridhar has also created an iPhone/iPad app called TickleMeThink™ that helps people to think differently ( - available as free download in the iPhone Appstore.

Sridhar enjoys putting together interesting workshops and thinking toolkits. His Creative Block Busting™ Workshops are rigorous and enjoyable. (He has conducted over 450 such workshops in the last 18 years.) His experiment with two well-known musicians to create a Business Innovation Workshop, based on a Coffee Table Book on Carnatic Music Maestros, has been an eye-opener for many.

Sridhar anchored a 13-episode show on CNBC called “The Power of an Idea” featuring several well- known leaders from industry. His articles in publications like Hindu Business Line,, etc.. have been very well received. He is also a sought-after speaker on the subject of Corporate Innovation. His recent TEDx talk “Evict The Enemies Within” was a thought-provoking one, that inspired many. His post “Preparing for a TEDx Talk” is a primer in preparing and delivering a talk. His posts on LinkedIn have several followers.

Sridhar had a distinguished career in Ogilvy & Mather for 25 long years. He started India’s first Direct Marketing agency. Subsequently he also set up Ogilvy Consulting. He was a Director of Ogilvy & Mather India, when he decided to set up his own innovation practice in 2000.

His consulting firm IDEAS-RS was born in 2000. Sridhar completed a six-month distance learning programme from the Open University Business School, UK on Creativity, Innovation & Change. He is an accredited CEO Coach from the Coaching Foundation of India.

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Talks/Workshops/Coaching Sridhar offers

  1. You too can think differently – a 45-minute talk on how anyone can think differently by using some simple and easy to use techniques
  2. Bust your mental blocks – a 45-minute talk on what are mental blocks and how to bust them
  3. “I am not creative” – self-limiting beliefs that block our creative potential and how to get over them
  4. Think Like An Actor – A 90-minute presentation on what actors do to think differently and how we can borrow ideas from them
  5. Creative Block Busting Workshop – One-day module – introduces concepts of ideas, creativity and innovation, divergent and convergent thinking, and a few powerful thinking techniques that work
  6. Two-day Hands-On Creative Block Busting Workshop to solve a real-life business challenge. Customised to suit client requirements. Includes pre-workshop consulting to help define the challenge, advice on choice of the right participants etc.
  7. Flight to Future: A two-day workshop to define your dream/vision for the company or brand and a broad strategy to get there
  8. Playing-To-Win Strategy Development Workshop – Based on the book Playing to Win by A G Lafley & Roger L Martin using their strategy framework
  9. Innovation Coaching – Helps you face the life after the workshops and guides you step by step through Ideas to Implementation.
  10. Executive Coaching – For CXO Level leaders to help unearth potential and be more effective

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Call: +919820183752


  • Clears the cobwebs in your mind, ignites your imagination
  • Simplifies the creative thinking and problem-solving process.
  • Makes it clear and enjoyable.


  1. 30 Years in Brands, Advertising and Direct Marketing Business
  2. 25 years with Ogilvy & Mather India
  3. Board Member Ogilvy & Mather India, Chairman Ogilvy & Mather Direct, India
  4. 18 years as an Innovation Coach, Consultant & facilitator as Partner IDEAS-RS
  5. Facilitated more than 450 Creative Block Busting Workshops in the last 18 years, for a wide range of industries across India