A Squirrel’s Pledge For Chennai

“So what are you doing for the people of Chennai?”

Chennai Floods

This question has been haunting me ever since Chennai faced the wrath of nature. Rendering several families homeless, causing immeasurable loss of lives and property.

“But what can I do as an individual, sitting in Mumbai?” This thought paralysed me from doing anything.

As luck would have it, I remembered the story of the little squirrel in Ramayana. Rama was getting ready to go to war with Sri Lanka. His army of monkeys led by their king, was building a massive bridge across the sea, to connect Sri Lanka.

A little squirrel approached Rama and handed over a pebble. “This is all I can do,” said the Squirrel, feeling sad that it could not support Rama’s enormous effort.

Rama graciously accepted the pebble saying “Every little bit counts” and blessed the squirrel. Inspired by the squirrel story, I am making my ‘Squirrel Pledge’ for Chennai.

What is my ‘Squirrel Pledge’?

It is my little effort to help the people of Chennai get back on their feet. I am pledging 24 days of my workshop fees in the next 12 months. The money will support the work of NGOs who are rendering yeomen service on the ground in Chennai.

A word about my workshops

I conduct ‘Creative Problem Solving Workshops’ for corporate clients. Over the last 15 years, I have conducted over 400 such workshops. Clients say that they find the workshops useful. They help their managers get out of habitual ways of thinking and find new ways to solve problems.

How does ‘The Squirrel Pledge’ work?

  1. If you* are keen to help your managers to get out of habitual ways of thinking, ask for this workshop.
  2. Instead of paying me my regular fee – Rs 1,50,000 + Service Tax- you donate the money directly to an NGO. (currently working in Chennai, helping its people to get back on their feet). I live in Mumbai; so if you conduct the workshop outside Mumbai, travel and other expenses will be extra.
  3. You help your managers learn powerful ways to think differently and solve problems.
  4. The NGO gets money to continue its good work in Chennai
  5. You are also able to meet your CSR obligations (2% of Profit)

* If you are a consultant, please consider sharing this with your client. He might find this interesting.

How you can help the people in Chennai

Conduct just one creative problem workshop for your managers. Do not pay me anything. Donate directly to the NGO, who is working in Chennai. You can choose from any one of the NGOs from the Give India list.

Want to help people of Chennai get back on their feet? Please write to me at vijisri@ideasrs.com . If you prefer to call, the number is +91 98201 83752.

Useful Links

You may wish to take a quick look at these, should you need more information about my workshop and what I do.

  1. Creative Block Busting – A document on the Workshop Process
  2. A current One day Agenda for the Workshop
  3. A partial list of clients who have tried Creative Block Busting
  4. What a few clients say about the workshop
  5. R. Sridhar, LinkedIn Profile


Picture Courtesy: Geeta Doctor from her blog “Water has its own memory”, November 20, 2015



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