50 ways in which I may be able to help your business

Here are 50 ways clients have used Creative Block Busting for their businesses:

  1. Build a brand preference
  2. Make money in new ways
  3. Open up new segments, new opportunities
  4. Solve sticky internal/external problems
  5. Make customers say Wow!
  6. Generate trial for a new product
  7. Make prospects buy
  8. Persuade consumers to change habits
  9. Build traffic to a new showroom
  10. Woo people to try a new brand in a competitive market
  11. Build and cement relationships with high-value customers
  12. Improve margins
  13. Accelerate growth
  14. Revive/rejuvenate stagnant brand/business
  15. Exploit full growth potential
  16. Maximize local opportunities
  17. Reduce costs
  18. Squeeze the waste and stretch the value
  19. Leverage brand/business strength to fight competition
  20. Create/leverage brand differentiation
  21. Customize/localize activities to beat the competition
  22. Improve business/brand volumes significantly
  23. Stimulate category growth
  24. Create more effective brand/marketing mixes
  25. Unearth new consumer need gaps & meet them
  26. Link brand to consumer insights more imaginatively
  27. Improve consumer promotion effectiveness
  28. Create new brand/product propositions
  29. Create new positioning options
  30. Build sustainable competitive advantage
  31. Locate new marketing opportunities based on consumer understanding insights
  32. Adapt global trends/developments/mixes for local markets
  33. Outsmart competition
  34. Catch trends early and exploit them
  35. Create word of mouth for brand/business
  36. Get media coverage for brand/business
  37. Revive/Rejuvenate stagnant brands/business
  38. Stretching brand/category boundaries
  39. Improving speed to market
  40. Generate ideas for new products based on consumer insights/needs
  41. Generate new formulations to widen trial
  42. Improve the process to maximize results
  43. Generate ideas to offer the same product in new forms/formats
  44. Create ideas for new packaging – material, shapes, sizes
  45. Create new channels for communication beyond the obvious
  46. Create new channels for distribution
  47. Improve visibility dramatically at the point of purchase
  48. Improve relationships with trade
  49. Break barriers to improve brand trial/growth
  50. Drive category growth

Let me know what is your business challenge. I may be able to help you find a way to address it.

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