My Innovation Post Box 2

“How do you select items for posting to your Innovation Post Box?” asked Prasna** “It is invariably the headine and sometimes the picture.” “The award winning blue ribbon brewmaster‘s story. How did you pick that up?” “The words  ‘Secrets of a blue ribbon brewmaster’ caught my attention. I read it in a flight, tore the […]

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How to sell your idea to your boss

“I think it is a great idea. I also know my boss won’t buy it.” “Why not?” “ I am not sure. This is my hunch.” “ What kind of objections could he have for your idea? Do you know?” “No. I don’t know.” “Then how do you say this? Has he ever thrown your […]

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How to get ideas when you want

Several people ask me this question. People in business are more interested in this than anyone else – for them time is money. Therefore the quicker they get ideas, seize opportunities, solve problems – the more money they make or save. If you want to know how to get ideas on demand, we must first […]

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