How to deal with a dumb idea

As part of our Creative Block Busting Workshop, we spend time talking about how to look at new ideas. We emphasise that there are only plus points and practical implementation concerns to an idea. There is nothing called a dumb idea. Of course, no one was willing to accept this. In fact, managers felt that […]

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What is ‘Out-Of-The-Box Thinking’?

“Well, well. This is your cliche series, is it?” asked Prasna** “Oh! You are referring to my title for the post. I am trying to explain some commonly used terms, in my own way. I believe this is important. Participants in my workshops appreciate the definitions and the clarity that emerges.” “Where did you get […]

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How to challenge status quo

“Is not Status Quo a worn out cliche, an overused management jargon? Why are you using it?” Prasna**  seemed irritated with my choice of expression. “I agree. Sometimes I find it is easy to get across what I have in mind, when I use a cliche. When people see the video, they may not worry […]

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“Curiosity is not allergic to failure” – Seth Godin

“Who is Seth Godin?” Prasna** fired his question before I could finish typing the line. “Why are you so impatient Prasna? You did not even let me finish typing the line.“ “Well, I am just curious!” and we had a good laugh. In the unlikely event that you have not heard of Seth Godin, here […]

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David Ogilvy’s first love – alive and well

“Are you not getting a bit sensational?” asked Prasna** as I typed the headline. “Why do you think so?” “The world is talking about David Ogilvy’s centenary year, and you are talking about his first love.” ” David once said that ‘Direct Response is my first love and secret weapon’. He staunchly believed that all […]

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