“I want him to realise his true potential…”

“I want Vasanth to realise his true potential” I was with Vasanth and his boss. Vasanth’s boss believed that he wasn’t performing to potential. After a few minutes the boss suggested that Vasanth and I have a conversation and left the room. I could see Vasanth was not happy talking to me. “Realising true potential […]

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“Give me ideas that will be rejected!”

“Give me ideas that will be rejected!” Participants in the workshop thought I was saying it wrong. So one of them helpfully asked “You mean ideas that won’t be rejected.” “No. I actually mean ideas you think will be rejected.” “Rejected by whom?” One of them asked. “Rejected by you, your boss, your colleagues, the […]

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How the humble Harmonica is gently changing the corporate workplace

– An Interview with Vasudev Prabhu, the creator of Harmonica Huddle, a program that is gently changing the corporate workplace in India. Tell me about your background. What did you study? What was your first job, etc.? I’m an Air Force kid. I spent my childhood in different cities. Madras, Hyderabad, Srinagar, Nagpur… and of course, Bangalore. […]

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What clients want

Any seasoned salesman will tell you this. “Customers buy benefits, not products or services.” My Creative Block Busting™ workshops are no different. Take a look at a few of the challenges I have worked on over the years. How to improve the quality of recruitments from campuses How to help engineering college professors teach basic […]

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Kotak Mahindra Makes The First Move

Mumbai, April 25, 2016 Kotak Mahindra Bank made the first move to support a unique way to support the Chennai floods rehabilitation efforts. They addressed an important business challenge using the Creative Block Busting™ process. R. Sridhar facilitated a day-long workshop with 20 participants. What did the workshop deliver? Listen to what Mr Puneet Kapoor, […]

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5 steps to make sure your innovation delivers business results

You are interested in growing your business because there are excellent opportunities. You also think your operations can be more efficient and effective.  You think your team could be helped to realise their potential. You have tried a few new things in your way but are not happy with the results. Your friends say ‘innovation’ […]

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A Squirrel’s Pledge For Chennai

“So what are you doing for the people of Chennai?” This question has been haunting me ever since Chennai faced the wrath of nature. Rendering several families homeless, causing immeasurable loss of lives and property. “But what can I do as an individual, sitting in Mumbai?” This thought paralysed me from doing anything. As luck […]

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Irritation to #Innovation. The Complete Story

Imagine you are waiting for the green light at a traffic signal. There is a huge bus in front and an auto-rickshaw who is trying to squeeze in between you and the bus. The light turns green and it takes a few seconds before you can move. All hell breaks loose. There is incessant honking […]

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Evict The Enemy Within

February 5, 2015. I get a message from Dr K K Ramachandran of TEDEx GDR, asking me whether I would be available to deliver a talk at the TEDxGdr event on March 4, 2015. The theme: ‘Enlightenment’. I could choose any topic in that context. Duration 15 minutes. Another 3 minutes were available, just in […]

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